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Whole Home Remodeling

Give your entire home a face lift with a whole home renovation.


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Whole Home Renovation Process

Our whole home remodeling process will help you understand the steps it takes to complete your project with associated timelines.

Initial Consultation
1-2 hours
  • Discuss Vision / Goals
  • Discuss Budget
  • Discuss Materials
  • Obtain Measurements
2-4 weeks
  • Shop for Materials
  • Create 3D Design
  • Modifications to 3D design
Finalize Proposal
1 week
  • Finalize Material Cost
  • Finalize Labor Cost
  • Create Final Proposal
  • Proposal Sign Off
Final Walkthrough
1 hour
  • Review Project
  • Professional Photos
  • Enjoy!
Love details? Read more about Our Process here.

Whole Home Renovation 3D Design

Visualize your next remodel before the project begins and gain comfort in knowing you've made the right choices.


   See the finished product before the project starts
  Limit the need for change orders
  Ensure the finished product will be exactly what you want

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's the question that is top of mind for all customers and they usually do not like the typical "it varies" response. Unfortunately, it is a tough question to answer. Fortunately, we provide free proposals and strive to turn our proposals around quickly.
The second most common question... At minimum you should expect your whole home remodel to take 8 weeks. Depending on the scope of work this time frame could vary dramatically.

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