Is Winter the Perfect Time for Home Remodeling?

Winter probably isn’t the first season that comes to mind when you think about remodeling. Typically, homeowners prefer to remodel during the spring, summer, and throughout the early weeks of autumn.

This is surprising, especially for contractors in Des Moines, because professionals know that winter is actually one of the best times of year to remodel.

Contractors don’t simply stop work in the off-season. While some exterior projects aren’t suited to the cold, wet, and snowy weather, there’s still a lot that you can get done inside the home from December to March.

Here are the reasons why you should consider scheduling your home remodeling for this winter.

You’ll Enjoy Better Contractor Availability

If you’ve ever booked home renovation during the spring or summer, you probably would have noticed that contractors have long lead times due to high demand. This can be an inconvenience, as you will have to plan your project around the contractor’s schedule, rather than getting work started at a time that is most convenient for you.

Even the very best contractors can struggle to meet the needs of all their potential clients during the busier months of the year.

If you schedule kitchen remodeling and other projects for the autumn or winter, you won’t run into any problems with contractor availability. You will have more freedom to choose work schedules, making the whole project more convenient and less stressful.

You Can Avoid the Spring Price Rush

Demand for home improvement increases significantly during the spring, and this high demand lasts all throughout the summer. High demand can lead to increased prices for materials, subcontractor services, and large appliances and fixtures.

If you want affordable kitchen remodeling, a new bathroom, or even basement finishing, it will often be more economical to have the work completed over the winter.

Hardware and Materials Will be More Abundant

In addition to materials being more affordable, they will also be more abundant over the winter months. During the summer, you could spot the perfect piece of hardware in a home improvement store, only to find that the piece is sold out when you go back to stock up on remodeling supplies.

Everything from drawer pulls to bathroom hardware can sell out quickly during the peak season.

This could force you to compromise on your vision, or, you could be left waiting for new stock to come in. This isn’t a fun experience, and it will leave your whole project in limbo.

Instead, book your remodel for the winter, and you’ll enjoy better availability of materials and hardware.

What are the Best Winter Home Remodeling Projects?

Essentially, any project inside your home will be ideal for winter remodeling in Des Moines.

Some projects to consider include:

  • Bathroom.
  • Kitchen.
  • Bedroom or living area remodeling or renovation.
  • Attic, basement, or garage finishing.
  • General improvements around the home with a Des Moines handyman, such as new light fixtures, replacement flooring, fresh paint etc.

Plan a Stress-Free Winter Remodel with the Best Contractors in Des Moines

Winter is the perfect time for interior remodeling projects, and you can even start some of the larger projects after the Christmas rush, minimizing any disturbance in your home.

You can get help planning your autumn or winter remodeling project today. From smaller handyman improvements, to kitchen remodeling and more, the experts at HomeWorx Iowa are standing by.

With extensive experience in all forms of home improvement, we can develop your vision to give you a home you will love in 2020 and beyond.

Winter Remodel: The Best Time to Complete a Remodel?

When it comes to remodels prime time begins in March and continues through the summer. However, just because it’s winter does not mean a remodel cannot be completed. In fact, it may be the best time of the year to complete a remodel! There are a number of reasons why a winter remodel makes sense and we’ve outlined them below.

1. Better Pricing

Supply & demand – we learned about it in grade school. The winter months for contractors typically have a lack of demand with plenty of supply. As we learned in grade school, this equates to a lower price. This may mean you can upgrade your remodel finishes or do more work than you had originally planned.

As you get into the 2nd quarter of the year you can expect higher prices.

2. Shorter Wait List

With Amazon delivering anything we ever wanted in 2 days people are use to getting what they want right now. When a contractor tells a client they won’t be able to get to their project for weeks or months it may not always go over well.

Lucky for you, if you decide to do a winter remodel your contractor will likely be able to begin sooner.

3. Less Stress

Lets face it – remodels can be stressful on your life. But when you pile summer vacations, kids activities, vacations and everything else that happens in the spring and summer on top of a remodel your life can become very stressful.

Remodels take time. Shopping for materials, reviewing design plans, conducting project walk throughs – and the list goes on. They all take time and they all help make a remodel successful. With less going on in your life the first part of the year a winter remodel allows you the proper time to spend with your contractor to ensure a successful remodel.

4. Winter Vacation Excuse

It’s a fact – it gets cold in Iowa. The weather wears on us to the point of a mild hibernation state. With a properly planned remodel you can forego the stress of living through a remodel and opt for a nice long relaxing vacation.

Winter Remodel: Consider It!

Hopefully, we’ve given you some good reasons to consider beginning a remodel in the winter. It simply is a case of supply and demand and the customer can win by starting their winter remodeling project.

Give us a call or schedule an appointment to further discuss your winter remodel.