Keeping Costs Reasonable When Planning Whole Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling

Outside of labor and contractor fees, material choices will have the biggest impact on your home remodeling budget. Adding value and new beauty to your home doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive. Making the right material choices could reduce upfront costs, or, in some cases keep maintenance costs low over the lifetime of your home.

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Low Cost Alternatives That Could Reduce Your Home Remodeling Bill

One of the most effective ways to reduce costs is to look for alternative materials. You can get a premium aesthetic and long-term durability, even with some of the more affordable materials on the market.

Here are some examples that can be used for home remodeling and renovation in Des Moines.

  • Prefabricated Panels and Concrete Sheets: If you are making additions to your home, consider working with prefabricated panels and concrete sheets. These are factory made and ready to be incorporated into your home with minimal labor costs. Talk to your contractor about the suitability of prefabricated structural materials. Depending on the size of the addition, this could work out to be the cheaper option.

  • Stone Cladding Veneer: Homes made with stone masonry give an appearance of quality and prestige. Unfortunately, traditional masonry can be prohibitively expensive if you need to perform remodeling on a strict budget. Instead, you could choose stone cladding, a type of veneer that is lighter and less expensive than a solid stone exterior. With stone cladding you’ll enjoy lower labor costs, faster installation time, and extensive customization options designed to simulate traditional masonry.

  • Laminated Flooring: Laminated wood flooring is an obvious choice if you want the look and feel of hardwood, without the cost. Invest a little more for luxury laminate planks and you could even refinish the floor at least once over its lifetime.

  • Vinyl Flooring: Even luxury vinyl planks are more affordable than timber, and they’re relatively easy to install, which will keep labor costs to a minimum. You can use vinyl throughout the home in living areas, bathrooms, and kitchens. As a home remodeling material, vinyl is a great choice because it resists scratching, staining, and is impervious to moisture.

  • Quartz or Laminate Countertops: Quartz countertops can give you the look of high-end stone and marble for a lower cost. If you’re on a particularly tight budget, consider laminated counters.

  • Vinyl Doors: You can save money on your interior doors by choosing vinyl. This material can simulate the look of wood while providing excellent insulative properties. Best of all, vinyl is affordable and will last for decades.

Choosing Premium Materials to Reduce Maintenance Costs

You can also consider some durable premium materials to provide a better return on your investment. These won’t reduce your remodeling spend, but they will result in lower ongoing maintenance and replacement costs.

  • Choose high quality hardware for kitchens and bathrooms. Stainless steel, brass, and gold-plated hardware could provide decades of usage without wear.

  • In your bathroom, work with glass and tile as much as possible. Tile materials are relatively low in cost, and they could last the lifetime of your home. You could keep the same tiles and clean or replace grout as necessary. For shower and bath enclosures, frameless tempered glass could last a lifetime with maybe one or two hardware refreshes.

  • Choose low maintenance materials if your home remodeling will extend to the exterior. Stone cladding can be pressure washed to keep your home looking great. Vinyl siding is a low-cost option that will last more than 35 years when properly cared for, and color is injected into the material at the factory, so it’s unlikely to fade or stain.

Choose a Contractor That Works to Contain Costs

Even choosing the wrong contractor could have an impact on your final remodeling bill. If a contractor is inexperienced or inefficient, you could pay more for planning and labor on the project. If they don’t have strong industry contacts, then they won’t have access to wholesale pricing on standard materials.

The best contractors use CAD software to design your home improvements and present them to you before a final decision is made. This can help to prevent setbacks and cost overruns. With advanced 3D modeling, you will know exactly what the finished work will look like, and you’ll be less likely to request change orders once work is already underway.

Always choose a reputable home remodeling contractor in Des Moines if you want to keep costs reasonable and within an agreed budget.

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Ultimately, we’ll ensure that you make the best investment for your budget, with long-term added value and functionality. We can provide a professional design service, 3D modeling, general contracting, and project management for whole home remodeling.

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Finding the Right Decking Materials for Home Remodeling

You can go beyond your interiors when planning your next home remodeling project. Decking is a great investment that will provide both functional and aesthetic benefits. With a beautiful deck you could even increase the value and desirability of your home.

Before you get started with a design, you’ll need to settle on materials. Learn about the top benefits of a new deck, and the ideal materials for a professional fit and finish.

5 Reasons to Include a New Deck in Your Home Remodeling Project

There are many reasons to invest in a new deck during home remodeling. We’ve put together some of the most important ways that a deck can improve your home and your lifestyle.

1) Create More Living Space

If you are lacking living space, then upgrading or building a whole new deck could give you more relaxation and entertainment options during the warmer months of the year. Decks are perfect for hosting guests, cooking food on the grill with your family, or simply unwinding during afternoons or on weekends.

A deck can be considered an extension of your home that is suitable during all but the coldest months of the year.

2) Increase Appeal on the Home Market

If you plan to sell your home in the near future or even within the next decade, investing in a deck today could provide a sizeable return. Including a new deck during home remodeling could increase the appeal of your home and it may even help you to attract higher offers once you do list on the market.

3) Improve Safety

If your older deck is starting to show its age, it could also be unsafe. Rotting wood and deteriorated foundations could make your deck unstable and even outright dangerous. Loose planks, nails, and bolts can all create risk for you and your family. You could improve the safety of your home by building a new deck this year.

4) Reduce Maintenance

A new deck could be built by Des Moines contractors using modern materials, like composites or pressure treated deck boards. These materials are low maintenance and will last much longer than traditional planks and boards. If you want a home that is easy to maintain and that looks great, then a new deck is the ideal place to start.

5) Love Your Home More

At the end of the day, a new deck will make your home more attractive, and give you more space to enjoy with friends and family. You’ll love your home more with new entertainment and dining options.

3 of the Best Decking Materials


Design, quality of installation, and materials will all have an impact on the long term return you get from any home improvement. Materials are key when it comes to exteriors and outdoor features. The following are some of the most popular decking materials available today, and the benefits that they provide.

1) Pressure Treated Wood

Pressure treated wood has long been established as the benchmark for most outdoor home remodeling projects. This wood is commonly used for decking and porches throughout the United States, thanks to its low cost and long lifetime. Pressure treated wood can last 15 years or even more in some cases.

Low cost is the key benefit here, but it does come with the downside of maintenance requirements. Your deck will need to be stained 90 days after installation and then every three years. An oil based stain is recommended to provide protection in all weather conditions.

2) Redwood and Cedar

Both redwood and cedar are also popular, and they can last longer than pressure treated wood in most cases. Both species are known for their natural defense against insect infestation and rot. You could get 20 years of lifetime from both materials, or even longer if you stick to a strict maintenance schedule.

A UV stable stain is recommended as both redwood and cedar will discolor after long term exposure to sunlight. These materials cost more than pressure treated wood, but the extended lifetime makes the investment worth it in most cases, especially if you plan to stay in your current home for the next decade or longer.

You’ll need to stain your deck every two years to protect the wood. You could have a Des Moines handyman perform staining and regular inspections for complete peace of mind.

3) Composite

Composite planks are low maintenance and are greener thanks to the use of recycled materials. They are impervious to rot and will last at least 25 years when professionally installed. Composite decking can be stained, depending on the specific brand that you choose. Some composite decking materials are pre-finished and won’t require staining during the expected lifetime.

Composite decking costs more than pressure treated wood, which is something that you should consider if you are on a tight budget. Ultimately, the long lifetime will make for a better investment, but this might not be a consideration if you plan to sell your home.

This material can’t be refinished and is vulnerable to scratching and denting from heavy or sharp objects, so you’ll have to be careful with outdoor furniture and anything else you place on your deck.

Invest in Home Improvements with the Best Contractors in Des Moines

You can build a new deck, replace your siding, or even make major alterations inside of your home. With the best home remodeling contractors Des Moines, you’ll have the freedom to bring out the full potential of your living spaces, both indoors and out.

Build a home that will provide lasting value and comfort. Talk to the team at HomeWorx Iowa to get started with new decking and all aspects of home improvement.

Hardware Trends for a Standout Kitchen Remodel

It’s easy to get caught up in the big decisions when designing a new kitchen. Cabinets, flooring, counters, and appliances will take up most of your budget for kitchen remodel, but it’s important not to forget about the smaller details. Some of these, such as kitchen hardware, can make a dramatic difference to the overall look and feel of your kitchen.

As you plan kitchen remodeling Des Moines, consider some of the best hardware choices that will bring life and beauty to the most important room in your home.

Patterned Metal Pulls and Knobs

Do you dream of a kitchen that incorporates highly ornate decorative elements from eras bygone? You can elevate your kitchen with unique patterned metal pulls and knobs that create character and distinction.

Ornate metal hardware may be pricier than the standard options of today, but the look will be timeless and long lasting. Your investment could bring value to your kitchen while increasing desirability – which will be essential if you decide to sell in the future.

Patterned metal hardware would complement a Victorian kitchen, or even a transitional kitchen that incorporates unique styles from throughout history and the modern day.

Glass Knobs for a Beautiful Vintage Kitchen Remodel

Glass is another high-end hardware option for a traditional or transitional kitchen remodel. Glass hardware is unique and could last the lifetime of your home. You will find countless options with diverse knob styles and colors. You can mix and match assorted colors for an eclectic kitchen that inspires you every day.

Glass hardware will work particularly well with in a kitchen that uses traditional wooden cabinets or glass doored cabinets. Marble and granite countertops could also benefit from beautiful glass hardware in the room.

Sleek Stainless Steel Pulls

If your kitchen remodel is centered around modern minimalism, then stainless steel hardware will be the obvious choice. Matte brushed stainless steel is perfect if you’re aiming for an understated aesthetic. If you want your hardware to stand out without being garish, then polished stainless steel will likely be your best option.

Stainless steel is one of the most popular hardware options available today. You’ll find everything from cost effective pieces for a budget kitchen remodel, to heavier high-end stainless steel for a look that is contemporary and upmarket.

Beware of using stainless steel in an older kitchen if you won’t be replacing cabinets and flooring. This material will look best in a clean and modern kitchen with flat surfaces and well-defined edges.

Gold and Copper Handles or Pulls

Gold is an excellent choice for a contemporary kitchen. This bright metal works well with white cabinets and pure marble or quartz countertops. Gold hardware can also be used in dark kitchens to add contrast and drama.

Champagne gold is an option if you want a kitchen that is more feminine and modern. Match your faucets in gold or other similar metals for a fully integrated look and feel.

If gold isn’t quite your hue, you could choose beautiful polished brass or even copper hardware for your kitchen cabinets Des Moines. High quality metal hardware will easily last for decades, so the investment you make today will pay off for many years to come.

White Marble for an Upmarket Kitchen Remodel

If you want to go truly high end with a traditional material, consider marble cabinet hardware. Precision cut marble is typically paired with metal accents in stainless steel, gold, brass, and copper. This choice would be an excellent match for a countertops made of marble and even a tiled floor.

When your design demands traditional beauty and sophistication, don’t look past marble cabinet and drawer hardware.

Mixing Your Kitchen Hardware

Mixing and matching unique cabinet hardware is becoming increasingly popular in kitchen remodeling. Whether you are following an eclectic design philosophy, or even a transitional design, mixing your materials could bring unique personality to the room.

The trick with mixing up your hardware is to think about an overall theme. If you go too far with mismatched styles and materials, your kitchen could end up looking poorly planned.

Try to choose a single element that brings all your hardware and your overall kitchen design together. If you like gold or another metal, then aim to make that the unifying theme. If you prefer marble hardware, then you could mix and match distinctive designs without making things too chaotic.

Remember that your hardware should accent or improve your other kitchen design choices, but it should never completely steal the show.

Plan Your Kitchen Remodel With Des Moines Contractors

Hardware for your kitchen cabinets Des Moines might seem like a minor part of your remodel, but your choices will make a significant difference. Hardware can set the tone of your kitchen, or, it can pull together your overall theme and design language.

You can get expert advice when it’s time to improve your kitchen. If you want the best hardware suggestions with a complete kitchen remodel, it’s time to talk to the team at HomeWorx Iowa.

Our design specialists will help you to create a new kitchen that meets your needs and matches your personality and sense of style. Contact us today to start planning an exquisitely finished kitchen that will bring lasting value to your home.