Flooring or Cabinets? Which Comes First in Your Kitchen Remodel?

As one of the most popular home improvement projects in America, kitchen remodeling always deserves some extra focus. In addition to finding the right materials and settling on a design, you’ll also need to think about the order of the remodel. Cabinets and flooring take up most of the remodeling time, and the order in which they’re installed can change depending on your unique scenario.

Before you start your next project, consider the following situations to learn how your kitchen work could progress.

Will You Be Raising Your Flooring?

If your floor will be raised above its current level, you’ll definitely need to take care of it before you install your new cabinets.

By the end of your kitchen remodel, your countertops should measure almost dead-on 36 inches in height. This is a standard working height that is used in American homes. If you were to install slightly raised flooring after your cabinets went in, then you would end up with slightly lower counters that don’t quite feel right.

Des Moines contractors can solve the problem by installing risers under cabinets and appliances, but this would leave you with less than perfect fit and finish. If the height is going up, floors should always come first.

Will You Be Repainting During Your Kitchen Remodel?

You might have concerns about damaging a new floor if you will be repainting your walls or even your cabinets.

You can’t damage a floor with paint if it hasn’t been installed yet. Some DIY home renovators prefer to do the flooring last, simply because it minimizes the chance of staining or damage. Paint pigment can typically be removed from flooring if it is addressed quickly, however, the problem becomes complicated with specialist materials like textured tiles or even the seams in hardwood flooring.

Professional kitchen remodelers could work around the problem either way. If the flooring is already installed, they can lay drop cloths and tape off around corners to prevent any paint contamination.

Do You Even Need to Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets?

What if you can complete your kitchen remodel without replacing your cabinets? Would new flooring affect the cabinet height?

You can minimize the height of your flooring by using materials like engineered wood, luxury vinyl, or even kitchen tiles. Molding can be installed around the edges of the flooring to create a professional finish that you will love.

You won’t need to replace flooring all the way underneath cabinets in this case. However, you will need to keep in mind that there will be mismatched flooring if you decide to change the footprint of your kitchen in the future.

Ultimately, you’ll need to weigh up the benefit of pulling out your cabinets and replacing the entire floor, verses simply replacing the floor that’s visible.

Get Expert Kitchen Remodeling Advice from Des Moines Contractors

When it comes to flooring or cabinets first, it’s clear that there’s no simple answer. Your unique scenario will have an influence on which is right for you. Sometimes, you could go either way, providing that there’s plenty of planning beforehand.

This question is a major hang up for DIY remodelers, but it’s not something that homeowners worry about when working with Des Moines contractors.

DIY work is perfect for some areas of the home, but it can introduce a lot of pain if you try to take on a project that is beyond your experience. Kitchen remodeling is a major home improvement, and its one that deserves the attention of professionals who will ensure flawless results that increase the value of your home.

If you want to build a kitchen that could last for decades or even the lifetime of your home, it’s time to talk to the team at HomeWorx Iowa. Our design experts will step you through the creative process to plan a kitchen that you will love. When it comes down to the technical details, our contractors will ensure that the physical work reflects your original vision.

Call us today to get your project started, and we’ll make sure that all work is carried out in the order that best serves your needs.

Your Flooring Choices for a Bathroom Remodel

Flooring material is one of the most important decisions you will make in a bathroom remodel. The right flooring will give you the aesthetic you’re looking for, with durability that will provide a long-term return on your investment.

Before you think about cabinets, vanities, countertops, and even paint colors, take the time to consider your flooring choices for a bathroom remodel in Des Moines.

Concrete Flooring

Poured concrete flooring is increasing in popularity. It is affordable, can be sealed with epoxy for unique designs and finishes, and it will resist moisture and stains. Concrete flooring won’t harbor bacteria, mold, and fungi, making it an excellent choice for an area of your home that is exposed to daily moisture.

Concrete flooring can be installed in a single day and could be an excellent choice if you want to keep your budget within a reasonable range.

Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic tile is available in countless designs. This material is affordable and of excellent quality even at the budget end of the range. Ceramic is the most popular option for contemporary homes. The relative ease of installation makes this a favorite for bathroom remodeling and renovation.

There is minimal maintenance required, and tiles are impervious to water and moisture. Grout lines will need to be inspected and treated every few years to keep your floors looking great.

If you are planning a bathroom remodel with a heated floor, then ceramic tile flooring would be one of the best options to consider.

Hardwood Flooring

This type of bathroom remodeling flooring material is often seen as the epitome of luxury and contemporary style. It also works particularly well for rustic bathrooms, period style, and mission style.

Hardwood can last the lifetime of your home; however, it needs to be perfectly sealed to protect against moisture damage. You’ll need to regularly inspect your flooring for any gaps or deterioration in the seal between the wood. Working with the best Des Moines contractors can give you peace of mind in the quality of your floor.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is an alternative to hardwood that is cost effective and relatively durable. While laminates won’t last as long as hardwood or even engineered wood panels, you could save money in the long term, even if you have to replace the flooring once or twice throughout the lifetime of your home.

One of the biggest benefits of laminate flooring in a bathroom remodel is the sheer variation that is available. Color and pattern choices are virtually unlimited, allowing you to get the perfect fit for eclectic and unusual interior designs.

Stone Flooring

Stone cut flooring tiles look beautiful, they offer a natural aesthetic, and they’re extremely high end. If you want a true designer look and feel, then this would be one of the best options to go for in your bathroom remodel.

Individual tiles can vary in appearance even when using products cut from the same piece of stone. Some people appreciate the natural aesthetic, but it won’t be the material for you if you prefer a uniform and minimalistic appearance.

While exceptionally durable and capable of lasting the lifetime of your home, natural stone is costly and could blow out your bathroom budget. Sealing is necessary, and this can increase maintenance costs in the long term.

Choose stone for a premium look in a home with a high market value.

Wall to Wall Carpet

Carpet is the least frequently used material for bathroom remodeling, but it can be made to work in some circumstances.

Moisture is present in any bathroom, which poses a risk to carpet. Mold can develop if carpets are left damp or wet for extended periods, so ventilation will be essential. You can work with contractors Des Moines to install a bathroom fan or you could even route your central air system into the bathroom.

Low pile carpet is best for bathrooms. It will minimize maintenance and inhibit mold growth. Specialized polypropylene carpets and olefin blends can repel water and are suited to bathroom use.

A carpeted bathroom can offer a unique and luxurious aesthetic, but it’s important to understand that most homeowners see this as an expensive and high-maintenance option. If you are considering selling in the near future, it’s best to avoid this material.

Plan Your Bathroom Remodel with Des Moines Contractors

To build the bathroom your home deserves, you’ll need to work with the best contractors in Des Moines.

HomeWorx Iowa is the premium choice for bathroom remodeling and renovation. Our design experts will talk you through all your material choices, while offering expert project support right through to installation and the final walk through.

Contact us today to begin your next home remodeling project.