6 Things to Think About Before Your First Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom is one of the most remodeled rooms in American homes. Over the years, you could outgrow your bathroom, or it could simply become run-down and outdated. It’s likely that you’ll plan at least one bathroom remodel throughout the lifetime of your home.

Getting things right in the planning stage will be essential. Here are 6 things you should always keep in mind when it’s time to refresh, extend, or modernize your bathroom.

  1. Ventilation

If you don’t currently have ventilation installed, then a bathroom remodel will be an opportunity to make changes. Proper ventilation will keep odors in check, inhibit the growth of mold and mildew, and allow for everyday comfort.

Bathroom exhaust fans are cost effective and can be easily incorporated into your remodeling plans.

  1. Plan a Green Bathroom Remodel

An efficient bathroom could reduce your utility costs as well as your overall carbon footprint. Look to incorporate green features during your bathroom remodel. Make use of natural light wherever possible.

For light fixtures, choose efficient LED solutions that reduce power and heat. You can even pick efficient toilets, faucets, and showerheads that will reduce your water usage without sacrificing functionality.

  1. Storage

Don’t underestimate your storage needs when designing a new bathroom. A bathroom vanity with drawers and cabinets will probably not be enough for all your personal care items, towels, and other accessories. Consider installing recessed shelves during your bathroom remodel. Or, you can allocate some of your budget for custom cabinetry.

  1. Flooring Materials

As with every other area of home renovation, the floors in your bathroom will be critical. Get your flooring right and you will enjoy a return on your investment for many years to come. Tiles are a smart choice for their longevity and relatively low cost of installation. If you want a natural look, consider using engineered wood flooring. This will give you the aesthetic and feel of true hardwood, without the price tag and moisture problems.

While you’re replacing floors, consider adding underfloor heating. Contractors in Des Moines can lay heating elements beneath your new floor, providing you with a cost-effective way to keep your bathroom comfortable during the coldest months.

  1. Bathroom Hardware

If you’re going for a minor renovation rather than a full remodel, then hardware is one of the first things you should consider. Hardware can show its age quickly. If your cabinets and main fixtures are in good condition, then new hardware and paint could drastically improve your bathroom.

Choose hardware that complements your other décor choices. Stainless steel is popular in modern bathrooms, but you can choose luxury materials like marble or gold for a sophisticated look and feel. Even quality hardware is relatively affordable, so you should be able to splash out on this area of your redesign.

  1. Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is key to every room in your home. The bathroom is no exception. Choose lighting features that keep your bathroom functional while also improving the overall space. Don’t stop at the ceiling. Lighting around vanities and mirrors will help to keep the room feeling bright and airy, while also serving a practical purpose.

Plan Your Bathroom Remodel with the Best Contractors in Des Moines

Some homeowners find remodeling to be overwhelming. You can streamline the process by working with an expert design team.

HomeWorx Iowa is your premium choice for bathroom remodeling in Des Moines. Our contractors and designers will work closely with you to get the bathroom of your dreams, at a price that falls within your budget.

Expert planning and installation will help you to avoid common DIY pitfalls, resulting in a long-term investment that adds comfort, elegance, and value to your home.

Adding a Heated Floor to Your Bathroom Remodel

Tile flooring is the most popular way to beautify a bathroom remodel with an upmarket aesthetic. Tiles can be cost effective and they work well with décor choices from any era. The problem with tile floors is that they don’t retain heat well and can be outright uncomfortable during the winter months.

If you’re tired of waking up to a cold and unwelcoming bathroom, then a heated tile floor will be the best solution. You’ll get all the beauty of porcelain or ceramic tiles, with a heated underfloor that keeps your bathroom comfortable during even the coldest months.

Here’s what you need to know about heated tiles before you start your bathroom remodel in Des Moines.

The Cost of Adding a Heated Floor to Your Bathroom Remodel

There’s a misconception that heated flooring is prohibitively expensive and difficult to install.

Retrofitting heating is a significant job, but you can keep your costs low by working it into a larger home remodeling contract. If you’re replacing your flooring anyway, then it will make sense to add heating at the same time.

Costs can vary between different projects, depending on the contractors and materials that you use. For the average homeowner, adding heating to a bathroom floor will cost between $7 and $9 per square foot.

The cost of your flooring materials and the labor needed will also be a factor. Radiant floor warming mats can be used under tiles, stone, brick, vinyl, wood, and laminate floors. You’ll have plenty of options to get the aesthetic you desire with all the comfort that you’ve been missing out on.

Two Floor Heating Systems for Your Home Remodel

There are two common solutions for underfloor heating on the market today. These are Electric Radiant and Hydronic heating.

  • Electric Radiant heating is the most common option in modern homes. Systems utilize pre-constructed mats that are installed underneath the floor. The mats include heating elements that are activated by an electric current. You’ll need an electrician or professional bathroom remodel contractor Des Moines IA to install this type of system. Radiant systems are energy efficient and can be run for relatively low costs, even in the coldest months of winter.

  • Hydronic Floor heating systems are less common, but they’re still seen in some modern homes. These systems use a liquid, typically water, that is heated and circulated underneath your floor. A hydronic floor requires a boiler system, so installation would be cost prohibitive if you don’t have one. However, if you already have a home boiler heating system, then this solution could be ideal.


Enjoy the Advantages of Underfloor Heating

Some consider underfloor heating to be a luxury. However, in Des Moines where winters can be frigid, a heated floor would become something that you rely on throughout most of the year.

In some cases, a heated floor may actually reduce your electric bill. It could keep a bathroom comfortable even when ambient temperatures are below average. This would reduce your reliance on air conditioning or central heating.

You could even raise the value of your home with a heated bathroom floor. Buyers look for all the extras when comparing homes on the market. If you choose to sell in the future, your heated bathroom floor could make the difference between closing a deal and losing a potential buyer.

While heating your bathroom floor might be a significant investment today, the long-term benefits will outweigh the initial cost. If you choose to heat your floor while performing a complete bathroom remodel, you’ll save money on labor while minimizing disruption in your home.

Heat Your Bathroom with the Best Contractor in Iowa

There’s more than just heated flooring to consider when you plan your bathroom remodel. Flooring materials, vanities, hardware, showers, baths, and minor fixtures will need to be chosen carefully. You can get the most from your budget when you work with the best remodeling contractors in Des Moines.

HomeWorx is here to make your dream bathroom a reality. We can modernize, change the look of your bathroom, or even fully remodel to give you more space. We work closely with you from design to completion, ensuring that your original vision is never compromised. We even offer full 3D rendering of your bathroom concept so that you can visualize changes before work begins.

Don’t just build a new bathroom. Make one that matters, with increased comfort for your family and higher long-term value. If your bathroom no longer serves your needs, or if you’re simply tired of the look, it’s time to give our expert team a call.

 you more space. We work closely with you from design to completion, ensuring that your original vision is never compromised. We even offer full 3D rendering of your bathroom concept so that you can visualize changes before work begins.

Don’t just build a new bathroom. Make one that matters, with increased comfort for your family and higher long-term value. If your bathroom no longer serves your needs, or if you’re simply tired of the look, it’s time to give our expert team a call.

Best Countertop Materials for Your Bathroom Remodeling

Countertop material is one of the most essential elements of a bathroom remodel. A countertop can set the mood in your bathroom. If you are going for a unique aesthetic, then your countertop will be critical.

In today’s market, the options are extensive. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine which material is best for your needs. Material selection is one of the first things you’ll do on a remodeling project. Choose the right countertop, and you could enjoy your investment for many years to come.

Explore some of the most popular materials and make the best decision for your home.

Natural Granite and Marble Countertops for a Bathroom Remodeling

Marble is considered the most beautiful natural stone of all. It has been used in architecture for millennia, and it could easily last the lifetime of your home. The natural veins that flow through the stone are incredibly attractive, and the subtle color changes make for a more interesting appearance.

Of course, marble is one of the most expensive bathroom remodeling materials, so it’s best suited to a master bathroom or upscale home. Marble is porous, so it needs regular sealing to maintain an waterproof surface. A frequently used countertop will typically need resealing every two years.

Granite is another natural stone that’s incredibly popular. It has more color variation than marble and fewer veins. It is considered by many to be just as beautiful. The right one for you will ultimately come down to preference.

Manufactured Quartz for Cost Effective Beauty

Granite and marble are the height of luxury in bathroom countertops. However, quartz is not far behind. Quartz is extremely hard, durable, waterproof, and cost effective to manufacture. Although still in the mid to upper-price range, quartz could save you hundreds when compared to natural stone.

Unlike cut stone slabs, this material comes without imperfections and is non-porous. Engineered quartz is available in virtually any hue, and even with replica patterning to simulate marble or granite.

Liquids won’t stain or discolor quartz, and it is resistant to heat. These properties are particularly important in a bathroom where cosmetics and hair styling appliances will be used frequently.

If you want the look and feel of natural stone with a more manageable price, this could be the perfect material.

Laminated Countertops for Bathroom Remodeling

Laminates are extremely popular for low and mid-ranged bathroom remodeling budgets. Modern options are far more beautiful and resilient than old laminates. You’ll find countless color and design options, which is perfect if you’re going for a totally unique aesthetic.

Laminates are bonded to particleboard using a high-pressure process. Although not completely waterproof, modern laminate countertops can last for years before starting to show signs of deterioration.

Perhaps best of all, they’re very affordable and could slash the cost of remodeling. Prefect for powder rooms and guest bathrooms, this is the material to choose if you want an affordable, attractive, and surprisingly sturdy bathroom countertop on a budget.

Tile Countertops for Your Bathroom Remodel

A tile countertop would be cost effective to install, which could make this the ideal choice if you want elegance on a tight budget. Tiles offer flexibility and are available in countless shapes, sizes, and designs. You could opt for small mosaic tiles for a designer countertop that is completely unique.

Tiles are impervious to moisture, long lasting, and they look amazing when installed carefully. The big downside here is maintenance. Grout will require regular cleaning to keep your tiles looking their best. If grout is not replaced as soon as damage or deterioration occurs, you could compromise the countertop subsurface.

If you don’t mind keeping up with maintenance, then this could be an ideal solution. Tile counters work especially well for antique, eclectic, and art-deco inspired bathrooms.

Unique Sealed Wooden Countertops

You won’t often find wooden countertops in a modern bathroom. One of the reasons is that wood needs to be carefully sealed to prevent future moisture damage. Another is the fact that people don’t usually think of wood when they are comparing bathroom counters.

Despite being uncommon, wood is a beautiful material that could elevate a modern bathroom and provide a natural look. When sealed, wood can offer long lasting durability and stability. Epoxy seals will make wood impervious to moisture, scratches, and bumps.

If you’re going for a more natural look in your bathroom, this could be the ideal material.

Plan a Bathroom Remodel with Local Professionals

Even learning about the most popular countertop materials, you may still have questions. If you want the best advice, it’s time to talk to local contractors at HomeWorx Iowa.

We can manage your project from design to completion. Our 3D modeling process will allow you to compare varied materials and designs before you commit to a final remodeling plan. Get the best support as well as competitive prices for all your chosen materials.

Talk to us today and design a beautiful bathroom that meets all of your needs.