7 Key Things to Consider Before Remodeling the Kitchen

Basement wet bar

Kitchen renovations are quite popular in the greater Des Moines area.

I mean, there’s hardly anything better than adding a big bay window above the sink that allows you to look out into your beautiful Iowa yard while you’re doing the dishes.

But, there are a few important things to consider before remodeling your kitchen.So put down that Best Buy catalog, stop thinking about tiles for just a second, and answer these questions for yourself.

What’s Your Budget?

The first thing you should write down on your kitchen remodel checklist is your budget. This will determine everything from the type of paint you buy to the complexity of the job.

HomeWorx Iowa offers financing plans to help local residents pay for renovations. And, we’re happy to work with you to develop a project that you can afford.

But, before we can break ground, we have to draw up a proposal and make sure that everyone is on the same page in terms of pricing. So, it helps if you know how much you can spend beforehand to save us all time.

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What Type of Cabinets Are You Looking For?

Cabinets are the most important component of a kitchen. They’re essentially the framework that everything is built around. So, it’s important to consider them before you think about anything else.

“How do you choose cabinets?” you ask, “And how much do kitchen cabinets cost, anyway?”

Well, it depends on what you want.

Would you like your cabinets to extend all the way to the ceiling so that you don’t have to dust up top? 

HomeWorx is happy to help you brainstorm kitchen cabinet design ideas. But, the more you think about this before our first consultation, the easier it will be to get an idea of what you’re looking for and how much they’ll cost.

Is the Sink Going to Move?

Most of the people who hire us for a kitchen renovation want to keep their sink in the same spot. They usually want us to replace it with a new sink, but they’re generally pretty happy with where it sits when we show up.

If you want to move your sink to a new location, however, you’ll have to let us know ahead of time.

In Des Moines and other Iowa cities, we’ll have to obtain a permit to move a sink because it requires a plumber to reroute the pipes.

This isn’t a problem, of course. We’re happy to help. But, you should add this to your kitchen remodel checklist and let us know ahead of time. 

Are We Adding Lights?

Obviously, one of the most important things to consider before your kitchen remodel is lighting. We’re guessing that you probably don’t want to keep that old, dusty chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

These days, you have an endless number of lighting options to choose from. You can add recessed lighting, track lighting, or any other type of fixture you’d like.

If you simply want us to replace the old lights with new fixtures, we can do that without a problem. If you want new fixtures added in a spot where there weren’t any previously, though, we may have to call an electrician to handle the wiring.

Check out some pictures of our kitchen projects in the Photo Gallery!

Do You Want to Really Want to Gut the Original Architecture?

Today, it’s quite popular for people to gut their entire kitchen. They call us up and have us tear everything out so that they can add new cabinets, counters, and appliances.

And while we usually recommend this approach, it’s not the best option for everyone.

There are a lot of midcentury modern homes in Des Moines that still contain the original architecture. If you currently live in one of these houses, it doesn’t make sense for us to gut it. By keeping some of the features, you’ll be able to get much more money for the house when you sell it.

Now, we’ll be happy to add some lighting under the counter and take care of any other odd jobs you need done, but you should carefully consider whether or not you actually want us to tear down the to the studs.

Are You Selling Your Home Anytime Soon?

Are you remodeling your house to sell it? Are you hoping that these kitchen renovations will add some value?

Well, you’re making the right choice. A new kitchen can add significant value to your home.

But, you may also want to consider other renovations while you’re at it.

After all, if you already have the HomeWorx team working on your house, why not have us do some bathroom renovations, too? We’d also be happy to finish your basement or take care of any other projects you need.

Ultimately, the more work you put into it, the more likely it is that someone will want to buy it from you. And, they’ll probably be willing to pay a lot more money for it.

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Where Are You Going to Eat When Your Kitchen is Under Construction?

There’s one final thing to consider before you get a kitchen remodel: where and what are you going to eat?

Your kitchen, after all, is going to be out of commission for at least a few days. During that time, you and your family are going to have to find some food.

So, you should plan on ordering up from your favorite pizza place while we work. It won’t be long until you’re enjoying home cooked Iowa meals in your brand new kitchen!

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How do I add an additional light switch to my home? (the easy way)

lutron smart eletrical switch

Have you ever wanted to add an additional switch to a room so you can have multiple switches control one light? Typically, this is done via a 3 or 4 way switch. This normally entails tearing into drywall, running additional electrical wire, patching drywall and repainting the walls. Most people do not find this to be worth the time or money.

Thanks to smart switches there is now a much easier way to upgrade your home with this feature with very little cost. Better yet, most homeowners will be able to do the work themselves in less than an hour! There is one caveat: you must ensure your current light switch has a neutral wire. Without it the smart switch will not work.

HomeWorx has used the following set up multiple times in home remodeling with great success. You only need to purchase two items, both found on Amazon.com.

  1. The first item is the new light switch that will replace the existing light switch controlling your lights. This switch will be hooked up in a similar fashion to your original switch with the caveat that the smart switch will require a neutral wire.
    1. Lutron Caseta Smart Home Switch
  2. The second item is the switching remote. This device communicates back to the switch installed in step 1 using RF technology and tells the switch to turn on or off. This second switch can be placed anywhere as it truly is a remote control. However, if you want to put it in a stationery spot on the wall you can do that and put a wall plate on it so it looks just like a normal light switch – only there are no wires attached to it! Better yet, you can easily add additional remotes to have 3, 4, 5, etc. switches control a light.
    1. Lutron On/Off Switching Pico Remote

There are many brands offering similar functionality, but we found the Lutron products to be easy to set up with reliable connections between the switches. These can also be hooked up to your smart phone to control the lights from anywhere, including through your Alexa.

We love this product and hope you will be able to use it to make your life just a little bit better. If you do not feel comfortable hooking up the switches and are in the Des Moines, IA area, give HomeWorx a call to quickly get this set up for you.  

HomeWorx is a leading house remodeling contractor serving the Des Moines, IA area. We would love to help you set these smart switches up. Whether it is as a simple handyman project or part of your kitchen or bathroom remodel. Let us help you create a smart home!

5 Reasons Why You Should Finish Your Basement

Thinking about finishing your basement but can’t convince yourself to commit? We’ve laid out a handful of reasons why you should treat yourself to a remodel.

For many folks, the basement is nothing but a burden.

After all, if your basement is unfinished, it’s essentially a concrete storage space that slowly fills up with all of the clutter and useless junk you’d rather forget about.

It’s even worse in cities like Des Moines, where it doesn’t take long for the basement to get damp and moldy during the wet winter months.

Even still, many people refuse to commit to finishing it because they’re worried about all of the time, effort, and money it takes.

Well, we’re here to tell you that a finished basement is well worth the cash. It not only pays you back in happiness and comfort but can be financially rewarding, as well.

So, if you’ve been thinking about redoing your basement but can’t bring yourself to move forward with it, read on. We’ve outlined a few great reasons why you should finish your basement ASAP.

1. Basement Finishing Adds Another Floor to Your Home

A lot of people overlook just how valuable their basement space is.

Think about it: do you really need an entire floor dedicated to tools, old clothes, and holiday decorations?

If you finish your basement, all (or at least some) of that stuff can go into a storage bin. And then, you’ll have a whole additional floor in your house.

2. You Can Use it For Anything You Want

Have you always wanted an at-home gym? A man cave? What about a guest room?

Or, maybe you have a child who is growing up and needs a space of their own.

Whatever type of room you need, a finished basement is the best place to put it when you’ve run out of space. The possibilities are literally endless.

Need some ideas? Check out these tips for designing your basement bonus room!

3. There’s a Seriously Good Return on Investment

We get it. A lot of people put off this project because it can be expensive.

But, remodeling your basement can add significant value to your home. In fact, this added value is one of the most common reasons why people finish their basements.

In 2017, homeowners who invested in a new basement recouped roughly 70% of the cost upon selling their home.

So, although it is a huge investment, you’ll make a lot of that money back when you sell.

4. Your Home Will Be Much More Appealing

Don’t you want a home that you’re proud of?

Don’t you want to be able to take your friends for a tour and show them the whole house (not just the upstairs)?

Don’t you want to be able to walk by the basement door without shuttering at the thought of the cold, damp concrete box that’s down there right now?

Well, one of the best reasons to finish your basement and that you can have all of these things. You can have a beautiful, furnished basement down there that you’re proud to show off.

And, once it’s time to put your house on the market, it will be much more appealing to potential home buyers!

Are Those Enough Reasons to Finish Your Basement?

If you’ve decided that it’s time to remodel that old, dank basement, call HomeWorx.

We’ll swing by, take a look at your cellar, and give you a free estimate of how much the job will cost. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Take a look at our basement finishing FAQs, too!