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Home Remodeling And Renovation During COVID-19

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Home Remodeling During The Corona Virus Crisis

All of us have a duty to hold ourselves, our families, our friends, and our groups safe right now.For everyone’s safety, our workplace is presently closed to the public. During this time of uncertainty with the novel corona virus, home owners may wonder how to navigate Home Remodeling And Renovations. Should they throw away their dreams for a new and improved space? Is their project considered “essential”? Can they at least begin the planning process? We would like to provide hopeful insight to homeowners regarding the options they have for home remodeling during the corona virus crisis.

Consultations are Still Happening! – In Home and Virtually

Depending on your situation, you may not have to fear moving forward with your home remodeling project. There are plenty of steps that can still be taken during the process (all while practicing social distancing)! Every project, big and small, begins with the initial consultation.

Thankfully, we are living in the year 2020. Businesses and clients are presented with a unique opportunity during this pandemic. Thanks to technology, more and more companies are providing an option for virtual consultations.

At HomeWorx, we provide the initial consultation and estimate for free to our clients! You can find an appointment option that works for your social distancing needs on our online scheduling system {https://www.homeworxiowa.com/scheduling/}.

If you choose to do a virtual appointment, we will use the time to discuss your project goals, virtually walk through your space and gather as much information as we can. With this information we will be able to get in the ballpark of what your remodel may cost. If you are comfortable with us entering your home, we will follow proper precautions and gather the necessary information to estimate your project.

The planning phase

If you decide to accept the proposal given after the initial consultation, your project will still be in the planning phase. We will most likely be working with you over the phone or behind a computer for a few weeks yet. Getting to the physical work of the project is a process {https://www.homeworxiowa.com/2018/01/05/remodel-process/}. Therefore, we feel comfortable encouraging our clients to move forward with their home remodeling project during the corona virus crisis.

Design can be quite the process itself. Depending on the project we will enlist the help of our interior designer. Thankfully, our interior designer is still assisting clients over the phone or virtually during this time as well. The design process may include creating blueprints, 3D renderings, shopping with our vendors, and ordering materials.

The design phase can take multiple weeks and this is also something to keep your mind occupied while you are at home more often. Getting through the design phase of your remodel is the perfect thing to be doing while you are at home and will ultimately help the actual remodel go smoother and more quickly.

Scheduling the start date of your project is dependent on a few factors including:

  • the estimated time of arrival for material
  • other projects that are already on the schedule
  • obtaining permits

As you can see, there is much to be accomplished in the planning stages of your remodeling project. HomeWorx  specializes in bathroom remodeling, basement finishing, kitchen remodeling. We encourage you to take advantage of moving forward with your initial consultation and let us help you bring those dreams to reality. By the time your project is ready for the physical work, this pandemic might be a thing of the past. However, if the novel corona virus is still relevant, our team can work with you and your family to implement safety precautions:

  • utilizing personal protective equipment
  • practicing social distancing
  • scheduling work for times that you are not home

Essential vs. Nonessential

At HomeWorx, we take on projects that could fall into both categories: essential and nonessential. Remodeling can be a luxury; but sometimes, a homeowner is remodeling their home due to damage, functional issues, or inaccessibility. We also provide basic handyman services for home improvement or emergency fixes.

Exterior Work

It’s safe to stay that we are all going a little stir crazy and would much prefer to stay home if we had nice weather and a new deck to enjoy. Thankfully, some of our clients will being enjoying this feature soon! There are other exterior home remodeling projects that can be completed while naturally practicing social distancing. In fact, you might not even notice we are there at all for siding and exterior paint projects.

Our Final Thoughts

There is plenty of work that can still be done if you are considering a remodel. The planning and design phase can take multiple weeks and it is the perfect time to be doing this work while you are spending more time at home. If you are getting close to starting your project you may consider pushing the start date back a few weeks if you feel uncomfortable beginning. If you still want to begin speak with your contractor about the proper precautions to be taken to ensure all parties stay safe while working on your home remodel.



There are plenty of things that can be done to ensure your family is safe during a remodel. If you already are in the middle of a remodel you probably do not want to put it on hold. If you have not yet started you may consider waiting a few weeks until things calm down. If you are in the middle of the remodel ensure your family and your contractor follow the CDC guidelines to ensure the proper precautions are taken.
Depending on the project your life may not necessitate major changes for the remodel. Certain projects can continue as normal. Those would include exterior projects and basement finishing where minimal interaction is happening inside the home where you spend the majority of time. For kitchen or bathroom remodels consider creating air tight dust barriers. Also, ensure your contractor goes directly to and from the work space. Consider implementing virtual project touch bases to minimize direct interaction on site.
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