Kitchen Remodel FAQs: A Complete Guide to Des Moines, IA Kitchen Remodels

HomeWorx is Des Moines, Iowa’s premier kitchen remodeling company. Our team of experts can help you transform one of the most important rooms in your home.


Have you been thinking about remodeling your kitchen? Find yourself constantly looking through home improvement magazines while daydreaming about adding an island with a quartz countertop? Want to add a backsplash? Thinking about going open concept?

Whatever you’ve been daydreaming about, HomeWorx wants to help. As the best kitchen remodeling company in the Des Moines area, we can take care of whatever projects you might have in mind.

We’ve outlined this guide to answer some of the most common questions we get from customers. Hopefully, this will give you all of the information you need to get the process started.

Will Remodeling My Kitchen Increase My Home’s Value?

Yes. Aside from simply wanting to enjoy the benefits of a brand new kitchen, many homeowners decide to renovate because they want to increase the value of their house.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2018 “Cost vs Value Report”, a kitchen remodel adds significant value to nearly every house. A full remodel adds nearly $38,000 to the value of a mid-sized Iowa home. In larger homes, it has the potential to add as much as $67,000.

But, you don’t even have to remodel the entire room to add value to the house. Remodel points out that even minor kitchen renovations can add up to $17,000 to the home’s value.

Ultimately, those who invest in a remodel get a significant return on their investment. As of 2018, kitchen remodels can yield as much as an 80% return. So, when you finally decide it’s time to pack up and sell, you can expect to get a decent chunk of your investment money back.

How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost in Des Moines, IA?

The average price of our kitchen remodeling services varies from case to case. It ultimately depends on the size of the kitchen, the cost of materials, and the amount of labor necessary. If you want a whole new set of cabinets, for example, you’re likely to pay more than someone who wants to leave their old cabinets.

On average, our customers spend about $25,000 on their kitchen remodel in the Des Moines, IA area. However, they can start as low as $10,000 and exceed $40,000 depending on the kitchen and design.

Contact us for a free estimate today. We’ll discuss your ideas and come up with a budget breakdown to give you an idea of expected costs.

How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take?

On average, kitchen remodels take between 4 and 6 weeks.However, the timeline varies for each job.

There are certain aspects of every home that make a renovation take more or less time. For example, if you want to remove walls in such a way that requires us to reroute electrical or plumbing, the job is likely to take longer.

There can also be surprises that pop up, even in small kitchens. The best way to gauge the timeline for a remodel is for us to take a look at your kitchen and discuss your ideas for the project.

Do I Need to Get a Permit in Iowa to Remodel My Kitchen?

Technically, no. You don’t need a building permit to remodel your kitchen in Iowa under most circumstances.

However, there are situations that do require a permit from the city. For example, in Des Moines, you must have a building permit for any projects that require the plumbing to be rerouted. If all of the plumbing is staying in the same place, you are free to renovate without a permit.

In other words, if you want us to take the sink out and put it in a new spot, you’ll need to apply for a permit.But, if you’re keeping it where it is, we’re good to go.

In the case that your project does require a permit, HomeWorx will take care of and obtain all of the necessary documentation.

Can I Remodel My Kitchen While Keeping My Old Cabinets?

Yes! If you live in an old house and want to keep your cabinets to keep that traditional feel, we can work with them. We’ll redo the floor, add new counters, and bring in new appliances. We’re happy to leave your old cabinets right where they are.

Will HomeWorx Help Me Come Up with Some Kitchen Remodeling Ideas?

Definitely! As the best kitchen remodeling company in the Des Moines region, we love helping homeowners to brainstorm design ideas. Our expert team of contractors has been around and seen it all, so we have a great sense of how to make a kitchen really shine.

At HomeWorx, we use a 3D layout application to render sketches of our ideas. This software allows us to send you images of the project before we even start. That way, you’re able to change your mind and make alterations accordingly. It helps us to keep costs as low as possible and helps you to visualize the final product in real-time.

Can I See Some Pictures of Kitchen Remodel Projects?

Yes. Take a look at our kitchen gallery to see our portfolio.

Where in Iowa Does HomeWorx Remodel Kitchens?

We’ll remodel any kitchen in the Des Moines area. Here’s a list of cities we work in:

Don’t see your city? We may still be able to work with you. Give us a call. It’s possible that we’ll still be able to come out to your city.

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